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Friday, May 13, 2011

Internship isn't work well till now

Internship don't really fun, or maybe they are just don't know what should we do. A nuclear science holder student served in government hospital, what kind or likely job they can do? as a science officer (no much work for them to learn)? as a medical physicist (too high post for them)? as a radiation protection officer (we toke dose only end of the month, what else they can do before that)? so, my internship till now were just key in data, study manual, decorate notice board, visiting each of the units and library study. But yesterday and today was a special cases, UKMMC replace two X-Ray tube from two companies, one from SIEMEN and the other one is...(forgotten). We get to experience how's TNC (Test and Commissioning) and CT Scan 3rd Generation's X-Ray Tube replacing which they did it once in two years, or precisely to say that they did it once for 200,000 exposure. now we knew doctor playing with human's complicated tissue but when you saw those technician changing the part, you will know that electronic it's actually more complicated. However, i'm still looking for it, waiting for a better challenge. Love to be in hospital actually, sometime feel like talking to patient, asking experiences and listen to how they felt before and after gone through test. May God bless those patient and thanks God for the advance instruments.


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