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Friday, May 13, 2011

Internship isn't work well till now

Internship don't really fun, or maybe they are just don't know what should we do. A nuclear science holder student served in government hospital, what kind or likely job they can do? as a science officer (no much work for them to learn)? as a medical physicist (too high post for them)? as a radiation protection officer (we toke dose only end of the month, what else they can do before that)? so, my internship till now were just key in data, study manual, decorate notice board, visiting each of the units and library study. But yesterday and today was a special cases, UKMMC replace two X-Ray tube from two companies, one from SIEMEN and the other one is...(forgotten). We get to experience how's TNC (Test and Commissioning) and CT Scan 3rd Generation's X-Ray Tube replacing which they did it once in two years, or precisely to say that they did it once for 200,000 exposure. now we knew doctor playing with human's complicated tissue but when you saw those technician changing the part, you will know that electronic it's actually more complicated. However, i'm still looking for it, waiting for a better challenge. Love to be in hospital actually, sometime feel like talking to patient, asking experiences and listen to how they felt before and after gone through test. May God bless those patient and thanks God for the advance instruments.

Friday, January 14, 2011

the power of prayer

do you believe that when you uphold everything unto His mighty hand, He will really do something in it? it just a little testimony here...

i was really suffering from finance problem when semester started, i don't really uphold this unto His hand until that day little princess told me to write down my prayer on the Perkeb Prayer Wall as well as i request to be prayed for in my CG. Guess what happen? day after CG, when go and check my semester payment, i did pay for my semester fee!! amazing right? maybe you people think that this is a coincidence, but why this so called "coincidence" come after prayer? i just need to believe, His presence in our Perkeb meeting as well as CG.

this blessing just remind me continue to pray for my future plan, thesis, industrial training as well as my relationship. recently, we started to pray together after fellowship. To thanks God for being there all the time and giving this opportunity to come out together to know each and other more and more. for people who are really concern and worry for Rachel, i thanks all of you and please believe me once again xD

anyway, not forgetting to upload some picture... spaghetti from spaghettifarm "i guess they won't welcome us again since we almost finish their cheese" so...when two cheese freak come together, pizza hut and spaghettifarm will never earn money xD

Friday, January 7, 2011

Special thank to Special people

it's 2011...2010 was really a fruitful and blessed a lot, even though so many thing had happened, doesn't matter sad or happy, good or bad, i think i should see this as a test or a blessing by God. sure not forgetting to thank to special people in this special year^^

Benjamin : a caring brother which always there when he know i need someone to talk to. he is always a good listener as well as accountability partner. thanks for come to me when you noticed that something wrong with me. our bro-bro relationship started during MOA when we were put into same group and where you were taking care of me when i sicked. thank for everything you had pray and done.

Bear : a really precious and best ever buddy. we knew each other during first semester in university. even though we met in KK but we didn't get to talk to each other. believe it is God's plan to put us in same university, faculty, department as well as college and there is a reason behind. share everything pass and present (pass two years). thank for being buddy and listened all my burden and annoying stuff. sure now i'm still available when you need someone to talk to or listen to. you knew my maxis is always welcoming you to call xD

Jeremy and CG : a group of people which we come together as a Cell of body Christ. to build up each other not only in Bible knowledge as well as living a wonderful Christian life. a comfort zone where you can open up to each other and shared everything you wanted to. thank for building up nowaday Raymond.

Perkeb and Perkebian : Christian Fellowship in UKM which buddy bring me to. a group of insane people which come together to serve and learn God's way in UKM. another place where you can really putting down all your stresses and uphold everything into God's hand instead of holding yourself. thank for giving me so many opportunity to serve and experience the present of God.

Rachel : an innocent girl which nowaday people called her my lil princess. a pampered girl which always want thing in her own way. a 180 degree's girl where show very different personality when friend's around and time alone with me. even people think this isn't a suitable time and too fast for us to start this relationship but we believe in God and uphold this into His Mighty Hand. pray hard to know each other more as well as God in between and shared everything to each and other. another precious gift from God and pray that He will hold this all and guild all this in His way. really thank not only to say "yes" and trust in me, a big wall broke during life conference and pray that there is no more wall in between.
it's really thank a lot for all of you as well as people around me. may God bless you all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Living Journal and New Year Wish Mark

"i got no money to buy you thing, what can i did just do some handicraft for you to keep"

here are some precious gift she made...

thanks and i really appreciate it...

Raymond 2011 wishes

Raymond Living Journal with God and people

Friday, December 31, 2010

mind Mines?

would you guys mind to eat sweet potatoes....

while walking in The Mines?

hahaha....this is what we did during new year eve xD

is the process or destination?

sometimes i just wondering, to be saying succeed depending on their destination...

but in between process and destination? which is more important?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


another Sem is starting soon...very soon...feel more hours later there will be my first class in this very final Sem... Things come too much, experiment gone well but not sure i get the correct product or not... never mind, i believe God will sure do something in it. I had been a very tired holiday, really really tired.. not that i did or worked so much, the tired just come.. am I need to rest? nope, i could say i slept more than 12 hours per day, but it is just not enough, even 24 hours... i need a long rest..a really really long want...

near yet far.. so much of things it seem like so near to me but yet far...God, i need strength, i feel that i'm far from You again, i need faith Lord, faith in believing You will do something, believing You are just beside me... Lord, wherever i am, i just pray God Lord that You will continue to hold me, even if i try to turn away from You again... make me tired O Lord in the sense of running away, i just don't want this to be happened again. Amen